Diamond Jubilee ~ The Knowledge Cafe: Discover Knowledge Through Conversations That Matter


The Knowledge Cafe: Discover Knowledge Through Conversations That Matter


Connecting People . Generating New Ideas . Tackling Issues.

Knowledge Sharing is a key issue for Knowledge Management and for organizational success. But real Knowledge Sharing requires an open mind-set and continues to be a challenge for many organizations. In fact, it can be difficult to even get people to talk openly to one another other about their specific corporate interests, opportunities and responsibilities.

One way of energizing an organization to take real advantage of conversation and consequent tangible business benefits is the use of Knowledge Cafés. A Knowledge Café is an effective vehicle for opening up conversations and discussions that lead to a deeper understanding of the business world that in turn leads to improved decision making, new ways of working and innovation.

A Knowledge Café is a tool that is used to share tacit knowledge. It can be used within teams, Communities of Practice or across silos to question entrenched assumptions, to help facilitate learning from others and gain a deeper collective understanding of a subject – through conversation.

It is not just about talking and networking though these are secondary benefits but allowing people to engage each other in “dialogue” with the aim of learning from each other rather than entering into unproductive debate and attempting to impose their views on the other which invariably end in failure and frustration. 

The Library Knowledge Café is intended to allow for the sharing of knowledge, insights, and ideas to allow librarians to gain a greater appreciation or understanding for the topic and the issues raised.

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