IFLA WLIC 2018 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre 24-30 August 2018 Comments by IFLA Officials and Delegates

Positively overwhelming from Debbie

— Debbie Viereck (Goethe-Institut Manila)

Thank you Rasheeda, it was an amazing journey to Malaysia. We loved the country so much and everything was organized so well. I am sorry that I couldn’t have the chance to sit with you more, but hopefully in the near future we can meet again. Just arrive early this morning 3:30 amI KL time which is 10:30 pm Doha time.

— Samia, Doha

I like KL as a city venue. The KL convention center is great. I also liked the hospitality and the smiling faces. I believe the local committee did a great job. I am the acting director of the library department in Abu Dhabi and I am responsible for all the libraries there.

— Shaikha.almehairi@dctabudhabi.ae from Abu Dhabi

Wow, it was a roaring success.

— Tay Ai Cheng, Deputy Chief Executive, National Library Board.

Dear NC members, Congrats! Recognition from IFLA! Cheers RhB

— Rashidah Hj. Bolhassan, CEO Pustaka Negeri Sarawak


Message from Harkrisyati Kamil from Indonesia who was following the event online – live streams and social media. I was following the event. Fantastic, very well organised. I also download the WLIC application. I watched the lives streaming from the opening and several sessions. It’s very inspiring

My name is Mrs. Naparlai Tongpan. I am a librarian in Kasetsart University Library, Thailand. It was the first time of my opportunity that I had joined in IFLA World Library and Information Congress. I would like to sincerely thank the Malaysian National Organizing Committee IFLA WLIC 2018 in giving me the opportunity to attend the event as they award me grant for registration. I acquired many great and valuable experiences such as: new information, knowledge and trends in library and information science. Also, I was given a chance to make connection and exchange ideas with new friends from other countries. The organizers did well in organizing the event. Volunteers were happy to answer helpful questions, very helpful. I enjoyed walking around the Twin Towers which is very beautiful by night. To seem it up, I was impressed with every one I meet in Malaysia, it is a very nice country. I also visited the National Museum of Malaysia where I learned their history, culture, and development over the years. There are similar things Iobserved in our country, Thailand. I felt close as a nation with Malaysia as I learn more from them. – Naparlai Tongpan, Kasetsart University Library, Thailand.


Greek volunteers in WLIC 2018 Kuala Lumpur: It’s All Malaysian To Me! As first timers, the IFLA WLIC 2018 conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was a unique experience! From day one, we experienced the kindness, helpfulness and hospitality of our Malaysian colleagues. They were keen to guide us around and make us feel most welcomed while thousands of miles from home. As volunteers, we worked on shifts in various posts. One of the many moments to cherish, was the first shift with our colleague Mrs Nazlin Noor; for eight long hours she stood at the Help and VIP Desk, smiling and providing information to delegates. What really stood out and became more apparent during our ten days in Malaysia was the feeling of pride our Malaysian colleagues felt for hosting IFLA WLIC2018. “It’s our conference”, “It is for the first time in Malaysia, I had to be here” quotes of Malaysians to international colleagues, that you could hear while walking the corridors during the conference days. Lastly, we were impressed by the way Mr Azahar Mohd Noor and his skilful team were calm, efficiently and effectively managing the different challenges arising during the conference. “Information has a meaning, once shared” was a moto to cherish and take back home along with the certainty in our hearts that next year, Athens WLIC 2019 volunteers will make delegates feel at home.

— Christina Katsinika & Evgenia Vasilakaki


Combining IFLA KM Section\'s activities and tasks for the WLIC 2019. It was my first visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia although it was my 10th time attending an IFLA WLIC. Year by year my belief that the IFLA conference is a lifelong learning course for me becomes stronger. The WLIC 2018 added a unique dimension to my experiences from attending the WLIC. I had to combine my demanding duties as the Chair of the IFLA Knowledge Management (KM) Section with the activities of the National Committee member for the WLIC 2019 in Athens. It was unpredictably interesting and unique! As it happens every year, IFLA allocates a corner at its booth in the exhibition area to promote the next destination’s WLIC. Athens was given that corner, but it was the commitment of the National Committee to set up and staff it. It was exciting to welcome the visitors and delegates and to talk to them about Athens and Greece serving them Greek candies, distributing the pins of Athens and the Greek flags kindly sponsored by the Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau. There was an atmosphere of joy, fun and pleasure especially when we were hearing promises from visitors that they will go to Athens in August 2019. I had an emotional feeling like the one I had as a volunteer librarian during the Olympic Games in Athens 2004. Besides the exhibition, the participation in three official meetings with IFLA and the KL National Committee was among my tasks during the WLIC 2018. The excellent convention centre, the smiling and kind volunteers, the exhibition, the contact with other delegates from several parts of the world, the visit to the Petronas Towers and the hospitality at the Xiamen University Malaysia campus were among the most memorable moments for me in KL.

— Eva Semertzaki


An IFLA Congress is always special! Although I have attended many IFLA Congresses, each one is special to me and is linked to the city, the culture and the people. Kuala Lumpur had a wonderful conference venue, a friendly atmosphere, a surreal night skyline, great food and very good conference sessions. The organising committee had done a great job. The papers presented at the Information Literacy Section session positively surprised me with still new ideas and initiatives from different parts of the world. The School Libraries Section business meeting gave me the opportunity to find out what is happening in Asia in the field that interests me – school libraries. However, the highlight of the conference was for me the honour I had, as co-chair of IFLA WLIC 2019, to invite the delegates during the closing ceremony to the next conference that will take place in Athens and to be on stage with my colleagues from Greece.

— Alexandra Papazoglou



Officially done my task as a volunteer for International Foundation Library Association (IFLA) at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Such a great experience being a volunteering. Proud to join this big event. Thank you. #ifla2018 #wlic2018 #iflakualalumpur – Instagram

— Syahmi, Malaysia


My wow moments of IFLA WLIC 2018, KL. Good thought of bringing together the IFLA leaders. Much to learn and share. Hear from the IFLA Presidents and be inspired and motivated as a librarian. Summarizing this is difficult because every single world is vital, I might end up distorting message. With libraries we can, and yes libraries are the world‘s biggest investments. #WLIC2018

— Elizabeth Matheus

IFLA WLIC 2018 gives me a million sweet memories. Thanks to all the delegates who came to PSAS, UPM. Again, new friends from Korea, Nigeria, Sarawak, Norway, Thailand, Dubai and Kuwait. #iflawlic2018

— Suzila Munawar, Universiti Putra Malaysia

Attending #iflawlic 2018 was the most profound experience in my career. I’m still processing the monumental amount of new knowledge and information gathered during the congress. Tired and weary, I head home with hundreds of new ideas waiting to be developed and implemented. This month we are going to launch the boldest, most radical reading campaign ever. But first, I need a minute #wlicwow – Facebook

— Kumprinx Amin

IFLA WLIC - Flashback on 30 August 2018 A very nice experience during visits Malaysian libraries. Again thanks to you!

— Assane from Senegal



IFLA WLIC 2018 : Opening Session

Thanks for your hard work and efforts throughout the world, dear collegues. Bye from ItalyViviana Vitari

Wonderful way to kick off a great Library Information Congress! Go IFLA – Vanessa Middleton

Nice and warm welcome !!!! For librarians from Gloria : no complain but action !!!! Ciao from Italy – Enrica Manenti


Inform, Reform, Transform: IFLA Closes Successful WLIC 2018

After a packed week of learning, reflection, discussion and inspiration, IFLA’s World Library and Information Congress 2018 closed on a high note. 

Looking back on a conference that brought together more than 3500 delegates from over 110 countries, and that saw over 250 open sessions, 120 poster sessions, 600 speakers and many exciting announcements, IFLA President Glòria Pérez-Salmerón thanked the National Committee for their outstanding work in organising such a successful event.

She underlined,

"I am convinced that we are the beginning of a movement… We are building a better world. Not only with nice words, but through concrete steps to build a stronger, more inclusive IFLA. A trusted voice, a strong voice, a reference point for us all.”