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The Sub-Group on IFLA WLIC 2018 Newsletters has planned for a section on ‘Libraries-in-Focus’ for every issue of the Newsletter.


All Heads of Malaysian libraries are kindly invited to contribute a write-up on their library for this section.


Focus: The contributions of their library to development of target clientele, community and nation should be the key focus. Wherever possible, the theme of the Congress, ‘Reaching out to the hard to reach’, should be emphasized in the role of the library.


Length: Write-ups should be short and concise. They only need to be between one to three pages. A brief introduction identifying the library and its establishment; followed by a description of its creative activities and services to meet challenges of community and national needs would be welcome.


Links: Links to creative e-materials developed by the library for its clientele should be highlighted as they are likely to be of interest to Participants.


Photographs: It is expected that Write-ups would be accompanied by photographs and visual material as they add interest to the text. Photographs must be accompanied by:

clear indication of the Library

clear description of the image.


Deadline: All Write-ups should be submitted by 30 June 2018. This allows for processing time, and obtaining approvals from the National Committee.


Contacts: Write-ups should be submitted and copied to all the following Members of the Sub-Group, being:


  • Ms. Molly Chuah                                
  • Mrs. Khoo Siew Mun                         
  • Dr. Nor Edzan bt Ch Nasir    
  • Ms. Linda Yip                                                  


Subject Heading: Please use the following Subject:

‘Libraries-in-Focus Section’

[Followed by the name of your Library].


We look forward to hearing from you!





These requirements are set by IFLA, and must be followed.



  1. Each photograph must be in its own separate file.

That is, please do not put two or more photographs into a file.

Please indicate in each file, the Photonumber and title-caption of the photo, e.g.

“Photo 1: Signing Ceremony, IFLA WLIC 2018.”


  1. Captions must be simple, accurate and complete, e.g.

“Signing Ceremony, IFLA WLIC 2018.”

Names of people must include full names and honorifics, spelt accurately, e.g.

“Standing, from left right: Dato’ Dr Zaiton Osman, ….”

Location of the phtograph should be clearly indicated, if this is important, e.g.

“Hala Stulecia Centennial Hall, Wroclaw, Poland.”

Date of the photograph, if this is important, e.g. “24 August 2017.”

Copyright details must be indicated, to prove that the photo can be reproduced

without copyright infringements, e.g. “Courtesy of Chin Loy Jyoon.”

Photographs taken off the Internet must have sources cited, also to ensure that

site from which the photo is taken allows reproduction.

IF Authors are unsure as to proper citation style, please merely cite location in

                  full and Sub-Committee members will check the style.


  1. Photographs must be separated from the text.

That is, please do not insert any photograph within the text.

In the text, merely indicate location and title of the photo within square brackets: e.g.

“[Photo 1: Signing Ceremony, IFLA WLIC 2018.] ”


  1. Technical specifications: Minimum resolution standards accepted by IFLA:

            300 d.p.i. in jpeg format.


Thank you for your kind cooperation.

We look forward to your contribution.

Sub-Group on Newsletters

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